/Biking Tour Around Macedonia

Biking Tour Around Macedonia

Day 1

  Arriving in Macedonia at the “Alexander the Great” airport in Skopje. After the hotel accommodation, there will be a tour around the city (within a walking distance to the Skopje fortress “Kale”, the church St.Spas, the old city bazaar, the stone bridge, the museum of the national fight, the statue of Alexander the Macedonian, the triumphal gate, the memorial house of Mother Teresa, the old train station). Dinner back at the hotel, then overnight stay.

Day 2

  After the breakfast at the hotel, departure via mini buss to the national park “Mavrovo”. Lunch. After lunch, departure via bicycle to Debar (the larger part of the road is a downhill and totals 51.5km). On the way, Visit the monastery St.Jovan Bigorski, that was built in the 1020. From Debar to Ohrid via mini buss. Hotel accommodation , dinner, then overnight stay.

Day 3

  After breakfast, departure via bicycles to St.Naum (two sections of the road are a downhill long 3-4km, and the total relation is 30km.) Visit the monastery of St.Naum built by the monks and the wonderworker Naum in the 900. Lunch, then back to Ohrid via mini buss. Afternoon oversight of Ohrid (the old part of the city that’s within a walking distance, the town’s square St.Klement, visit the workshops of the Ohrid Pearl, visit the workshops for hand-made paper, the church St.Sophia, the antic theatre, the Samuel’s Fortress, the archeological site ‘Plaoshnik’, the church St.Jovan Kaneo). Dinner back at the hotel, then overnight stay.

Day 4

  After breakfast, departure via bicycles to the traditional Macedonian village Velmej (flat road long 33km). Visit a cheese making workshop and one of the many apiaries. Traditional Macedonian lunch near the river Sateska’s source, that’s very close to the village. Departure to Ohrid in the late afternoon hours via mini buss. Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 5

  After breakfast, departure to the mountain pass (the national park) Galichica via mini buss. Riding down via bicycles along the Prespansko lake to the ethno museum in the village Gorna Bela Crkva (Upper White Church) The road is flat and 35km long. Departure to Bitola via mini buss. Lunch. After lunch, visit the ancient city Heraklea (4th Century BC) Departure to Krusevo, then overnight stay.

Day 6

  After breakfast, departure to Prilep via bicycles( downhill, than a flat road long 30km). Free time in Prilep for individual walks. Departure via mini buss to the winery “Tikvesh”. Wine degustation in the winery, and after that, departure to Skopje. Dinner, then overnight stay.

Day 7

  After breakfast, departure via bicycles to the canyon “Matka” (flat road long 15.5km). Lunch. Departure to Skopje via mini buss. Free time in the afternoon for individual walks and shoping. Dinner, then overnight stay.

Day 8

  After breakfast, leaving the hotel and going to the airplane “Alexander the Great”. Going back to…

Price: 488 euros.