/Fishing in Greece

Fishing in Greece

Stavros is located on the Strimonikos bay, which is still called the pearl of northern Greece. Only 70km away from Thessaloniki, and only 4 km from the Asprovalta municipality rents. Due to the crystal clear sea, preserved nature, beautiful sandy beaches and bays, it was awarded the ‘Blue flag’ by the European Community. Platania is certainly a place where you can catch a rest, because it is surrounded by a small grove. The site and surrounding area is rich with greenery that stretches from Mount Cholomontas whose foot is Stavros which makes very pleasant vacation.

Day 1
Departure from Ohrid at 6:00 AM after a 15 min meeting with the group. Travel by day with occasional rests and border formalities. Arrival at the afternoon hours. Accommodation and free time for fishing at the Stavros bay. Overnight Stay.

Day 2
Going for fishing in the early hours on the river Struma, not too far away from Stavros. Fishing all day until nightfall. Dinner with the catch from that day. Overnight stay.

Day 3
Going fishing on the lake Volvi in the early hours. Fishing until late afternoon hours. Departure for Ohrid around 5:00 PM. Arrival in Ohrid late in the night.

Price: 110 euros 
Premium price: 170 euros
Price Includes:
  • Transport to Stavros
  • Transport to the Struma river and Volvi lake
  • Hotel Accommodation for two nights
Price Does Not Include:
  • Travel Insurance
  • Individual expenses