Kurbinovo is a village located on the east side of Lake Prespa on the slopes of Mount Baba. It can be reached by the road Bitola – Resen, the former Roman “Via Egnatia” road. Following, a panoramic tours of the lake. The monastery “St. George”, located near the lake in Kurbinovo Prespa, is an important church in the area of the village. The church is located about three kilometers above the village on the slopes of Mount Baba. An environment through which the road passes, that is barely 4 meters wide. It is not as picturesque as the magnificent view of the mountain panorama, and especially the magical and almost always peaceful Prespa Lake. The church was built in 1191 (XII century), as evidenced by the inscription on the altar during the reign of Isaac II Angel. Lunch in a fish restaurant on the coast of Lake Prespa.

Price: 38 euros

Price Includes:

  • Licensed tourist guide
  • Transport
  • Lunch in a Restaurant

Program Includes

  • Panoramic view of apple orchards in Resen
  • Visiting Kurbinovo
  • Visit the church. George (XII century)
  • Panoramic view of the eastern coast of Lake Prespa