/Lesnovski and Osogovski Monasteries

Lesnovski and Osogovski Monasteries

St. Gavril Lesnovski or Lesnovski Main church is dedicated to Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The monastery was built in the second half of the 11th century. This monastery is one of the richer literary centers in Macedonia. Housed in the beautiful natural surroundings of the village Lesnovo. On the way to Osogovo monastery, we are going to visit Kratovo. Kratovo is a city in northeastern Macedonia, located in the throat of an extinct volcano. The city is one of the oldest in Macedonia and the Balkans. For the existence of Kratovo is mentioned in Homer’s epic ‘Iliad’ in the VI century BC. Also as evidence serve coins from the time of Adolion Paionian, king who ruled from 315 to 285 BC. At that time the citizens traded with gold, silver, and copper.

St. Joachim Osogovski or Osogovo monastery – monastery about 3 km northeast of Kriva Palanka, in the arms of an oak forest in Osogovo mountain, is dedicated to the hermit and miracle worker St. Joachim Osogovski. Founded back in XII century, known by the name Sarandapor. Macedonian famous Monastery of St. Joachim of Osogovo, is 1003 years old and is popular tourist attraction.

Price: 45 euros
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  • Visit the monastery Lesnovski
  • Visit the monastery Osogovski
  • Visiting Kratovo