/Ohrid – St.Naum – Struga – Vevchani

Ohrid – St.Naum – Struga – Vevchani

Day 1

Ohrid, a city that is several thousand years old located in Ohrid basin on the northern shore of Lake Ohrid. Ohrid is UNESCO town which is rich in history, culture and tradition. The old name of the city is Lihnidos (light). The fact that this city had 365 churches deserves the name Jerusalem of the Balkans. In the old city stand out churches St. Sofia (IX century), St. Mary – Perivlepta (XIII century), St. Clement (IX century), and St. John – Kaneo (XIII century). Also ancient theater, Samuil Fortress archaeological site Plaoshnik old Ohrid architecture, house Robevci.In the south of Ohrid Lake is the most beautiful part of the coast which abounds with beautiful scenery. In place of rock that rises high above the lake is situated monastery St. Naum. It was built in 900 by Saint Naum personally, that the church dedicated it to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. St. Nahum was a disciple of Cyril and Methodius and good contributor was Kliment Ohridski. St. Naum died in 910 and was buried in the church. Around the monastery is stretching a beautiful scenery with small pond formed by the sources of the river Drim which has two natural islands.

Day 2

After breakfast we head for Struga. Struga is a town where the Black Drin River formed and named “city of bridges”. The old name of Struga is Enhalon (eel). This is a poetic city where there is a world famous festival “Struga Poetry Evenings”. The city has an old bazaar and colorful market where you could enjoy domestic products of this region.Next stop is the ethno village of Vevcani. This village is located northwest of Struga and is 850 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Jablanica. The village is a few thousand years old with a very interesting history. In this village you can see the traditional Macedonian architecture, tradition, the kindness of the locals and the wonderful Vevcani springs. In this village you can try the delicious traditional food in the food stop.

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