/St.Spas in Skopje and Markov Monastery

St.Spas in Skopje and Markov Monastery

Church St. Spas is one of the most important cultural monuments in Skopje. It is located east of the Kale fortress. In the courtyard you enter through the heavy oak gate which dominates the simple stone sarcophagus where they placed the remains of the great Macedonian revolutionary and freedom fighter Goce Delchev (1872-1903).

The church is made of three parts, the middle part is vaulted, the sides are flat and covered with planks into cubes, while the western part is female gallery. Church St. Spas is important due to its extremely beautiful artistic carving made of iconostasis, bishop’s throne, preachers, choir and the stand for kissing the icons. The iconostasis is 10 meters long and corresponds to the three ships of the church.

Markov Monastery – Orthodox monastery located south of the village of Markova Susica along the Markova river on its left coast, 20 kilometers away. The monastery is active nowadays, and it exists female monastic sisterhood.

The monastery now has the St. Dimitri church and the imposing bells. The monastery is named after the popular hero King Marko. Church St. Dimitri was built in 1345. as evidenced by the inscription above the south door inside the church. It was renovated by King Volkasin and fully finished and painted by his son Marco (between 1366 and 1371-72 year).

Price from Skopje: 25 euros
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  • Visit the church. Spas
  • Walk along the Old Bazaar
  • Visit the Markov Monastery